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Amanda Yerba Mate Con Palo Unsmoked Classic Argentinian Cut, 1 kg / 2.2 lb

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Brand: Amanda
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Independent review

Amanda Yerba Mate is a yerba you can always rely on. Compared to other brands like Taragui and Rosamonte, which are both smoked and have an overbearing taste, Amanda is like a breath of fresh air. With a harmonious balance of bitterness and sweetness throughout the entire gourd, Amanda is extremely pleasant while still packing a punch. Heavy earth, soil taste but super smooth. Milky texture and flavor. A bit of mushroom and woodsy notes.

Only after several refills, do I start to notice the strength die down. And even then, it dies down slowly. Throughout the entire cycle, it stays pretty linear. Nothing complex about it. Coming with stems, leaves, and dust makes this the classic Argentine cut. A very strong blast of energy from the start gets you on your feet. Not too much, though. You won’t be jumpy. But your tiredness and groggy feeling will disappear. You’ll feel light on your feet and ready to move.

There’s nothing bad I have to say about this yerba mate brand. But there’s nothing special about it either. Amanda comes and delivers. Like I said, it’s something that’s dependable. It’s a yerba mate that tastes fine, and gives you the effects you’re looking for. Surely, you probably won’t be grabbing this for something unique about it that other brands don’t have. The only notable thing that pops out is its smoothness and long-lasting taste. For a beginner, I wouldn’t recommend Amanda. She’s packs a punch and definitely won’t be sweet on your tongue. There’s much better brands that you’ll find more welcoming. For the bit more experienced though, you might love this one. -- Yerba Mate Lab


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Muy buen sabor
Along with Playadito this yerba is one of my favorites. I actually prefer to drink mate as a tea because it’s easier. Use a French press and brew your mate like a tea. You’ll thank me later. Perfect for breakfast.
Thank you for making this available.
The blend of Mate is delucious it really helps you bathroom problems no issue energy plus piece of mind helps you fall a sleep faster and gives you a good night rest
I recommend this tea to every body that has a stressful life of activity and those who need need tranquility and energy
Mild taste I prefer a more robust tast
Thank you for your great job.
Amanda is a great yerba mate ,taste and flavour is delicious.
Most enjoyable a tradition of my friends and papa direct are a fabulous company I am glad I found them am telling my friends about how good they are
Gentile, strait-forward Amanda that is unsmoked so if you're looking for a soft tasting, easy to drink gourd then this might be for you. This is a pleasure to sip for sure and you'll get a decent energy boost from it too. Worth the price and then some! Give it a try especially if you are adverse to smokiness.
Delicious yerba mate. EXCELLENT price, I think Amanda and Rosamonte make the best tasting yerba mate for the price. Was skeptical about not ordering from Amazon but this is AMAZING.

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