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Argentine Board Games With Worldwide Shipping

27 Dec 2022

Winter can be very hard if you are in Europe or the United States and the plans inside the house become the best option.

Getting together with friends and some board games is a great activity for the winter, although to tell the truth, for the summer too. But no matter the season, what is certain is that you will have a lot of fun. We will give you the best five options for you to choose your favorite.

TOP 5 Argentine Board Games


This board game proposes, as its name suggests, to create a Tactical and Strategic Plan of War, where you must fulfill the objectives that have been given to you and the first to achieve it will be the winner.

Mazo Argento

The Argento deck is the same as the Spanish cards, but its suits are not gold, cup, staff and sword, instead, they are represented by the most iconic Argentine characters. You will be able to play the game you want, but you will feel at home.

1000 Millas

It's a fun card game with a lot of setbacks. Each player tries to travel 1,000 miles in each hand, but the rest of the players will not make it easy and will put obstacles to prevent you from reaching your goal.

Mazo de Memes

Like the Argentine deck, the Meme Deck, is a deck of cards just like the Spanish decks. But in this case, each stick will be represented by the most Argentine famous memes from the last time. If you want to have fun and laugh at the same time, this is your best option.


If there is a meeting with friends, there is H.D.P. An ideal game for those who like black humor. One player will read a question card and the others will answer with one of the cards from their hand. The answer that you find the funniest will win.

Which one is your favorite? Discover these games and many more with worldwide shipping on Latinafy.

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