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Havanna Alfajores Where To Buy Alfajores Havanna?

17 Jan 2023

Havanna, One of the most famous Argentine companies, was founded in 1948 in the city of Mar del Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires.

It all started with a confectionery and some delicious chocolate alfajores. Then, they incorporated a variety of products, but always kept the original recipe that makes them unique. Over time, the Havanna alfajores became a classic for tourists who vacationed in the coastal city.

They are, without a doubt, one of the most delicious alfajores in Argentina. Whether it's the classic chocolate alfajor or the Italian meringue alfajor, they will always be filled with a lot of dulce de leche, also known as arequipe, manjar or cajeta in Latin America.

In addition, they added new alfajores, which compete in flavor with the traditional ones, such as the bitter chocolate alfajor, the super dulce de leche alfajor made with almond flour and a seed alfajor. No matter which one you choose, none will disappoint you.

Where to buy Havanna Alfajores Online?

You can get them with shipping to more than 70 countries on Latinafy. Where you can find not only alfajores, but all Havanna products. From their Havannets dulce de leche cones, dulce de leche Havanna and even their famous lemon cookies, among others.

If you can’t decide for one flavor you can order a mix box, with meringue and chocolate alfajores for you to try. Just add the products you want to your cart and they will arrive right at your doorstep.

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