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Is the crumb sandwich Argentine?

15 Sep 2022

Crumb sandwiches are an Argentine classic. Although in ancient times this was not a massive product, it has been available in the most traditional bakeries and confectioneries in the country for decades now. 

Even though they are very common in Argentina, the truth is that its origin is not Argentine.

Where does the crumb sandwich come from?

Its most direct antecedent is the tramezzini, a sandwich invented in Turin, Italy, in 1925, which Italian immigrants brought to Argentina. It is said that the Café Mulassano is where these sandwiches originated. Apparently, this place offered more than 40 varieties of tramezzini. However, in Italy, the sandwich is triangular and the combinations of ingredients are different from those of crumb sandwiches. For example, two of the most traditional tramezzini sandwiches are those filled with smoked salmon and lettuce, and tuna and artichokes.

Do you want to make homemade crumb sandwiches?

If you want to prepare your own crumb sandwiches, you can find our step-by-step recipe here. In this link, you have all the necessary information to achieve the ideal humidity in yogurt sandwiches.

Do you live in the United States and want to buy crumb bread?

You can have crumb bread delivered right to your doorstep in the United States by placing an order on our website. Here you will find lots of ingredients to prepare the best crumb sandwiches and surprise your friends and family.

If you haven't tried the classic Argentine crumb sandwiches yet, you need to! We promise you won’t regret it.