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Yerba Barbacuá, What Is The Difference With The Traditional Yerba?

07 Sep 2022

To begin with, we would like to share with you the meaning of the word ‘’Barbacuá’’ which, in Guarani language, means ‘’roasted’’. This perfectly explains the special flavor that this kind of yerba has.

What is the difference between Barbacuá yerba mate and traditional yerba mate?

Yerba Barbacuá is made through a slow, artisanal and natural process that consists in the slow drying of the yerba mate, which lasts between 12 and 24 months. After the drying is done, the leaves of the yerba are exposed to the heat of wood fire for a whole day. This is what gives the yerba a smoked/roasted flavor. 

Apart from this, the long maturation gives the yerba other virtues, such as: soft flavor, good performance and its ability not to produce acidity.

What is the origin of Barbacuá yerba mate?

Barbacuá yerba appeared more than 400 years ago with the Guaraníes, who used this ancestral type of drying back then.

In the recent past, many places stopped its production for productivity reasons. Truth is, because this is an artisanal product, the production process is quite complex, much more than that of traditional yerba mate. Fortunately, today the product has been revalued due to its great quality and incomparable flavor.

Where can I get yerba mate barbacua?

If you want to try Barbacuá Yerba, check out the huge variety of options available at Latinafy. This international store offers worldwide shipping and the products arrive right at your doorstep in just a few days. Our suggestion: start with a classic one like La Merced yerba mate Barbacuá, our Isondú's version of yerba mate barbacuá.