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Get $5 OFF on all purchases $80+! Use Code: LAT80 at checkout
A giant flag with the shape of Boca Juniors shield, inside La Bombonera stadium

Boca Juniors couldn't achieve its own 'Maracanazo'

Last Saturday, Boca Juniors faced Fluminense in the thrilling final match of the Copa Libertadores at the iconic Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Boca Juniors' attempt to secure its seventh cup was derailed by the goals scored by Germán Cano (36') and John Kennedy (101'), while Boca Juniors only managed one, thanks to the effort of Luis Advíncula (72'). The Xeneizes' dream was shattered in overtime when John Kennedy secured the victory and was immediately expelled. While the result may not have favored the Xeneize team, it's time to lift your spirits with some fantastic Boca Juniors products available on

  • Boca Juniors shirts: Embrace the iconic blue and gold colors with our collection of Boca Juniors shirts, show your loyalty, and be a part of the team, no matter the outcome on the field.
  • Scarves and Flags: Wave your colors high with our Boca Juniors scarves and flags. Whether you're watching a game or displaying your pride in your everyday life, these accessories are a must-have. And you can always match them with caps and hats.
  • A Bombonera of your own: Decorate your living space with your own and unique Boca Juniors stadium. That way, you will always have a piece of your favorite team (and favorite country!) in your house!
  • Mates full of stars: Do you want to drink your favorite Latin American hot drink embellished by your Xeneize fanaticism? We’ve got you covered with our ample range of Boca Juniors mates, thermos, and steel straws.
  • Mugs and Tumblers: Start your day with a cup of coffee or tea in a Boca Juniors mug, or keep your beverages cool in a stylish tumbler. Perfect for showing your support at home or on the go.

At Latinafy, we understand the passion and dedication of Boca Juniors fans, and while the result of the Copa Libertadores final may have been disappointing, our Xeneize catalog of products is designed to keep your spirits high and your support unwavering. So, head over to Latinafy and explore our variety of Boca Juniors merchandise. Let's show the world that your passion for Boca never fades, no matter the outcome on the field.

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