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Top 5 - World Food Records in Latin America

Top 5 - World Food Records in Latin America

Rank 5: The largest alfajor in the world - 2010

In the Uruguayan city of Minas a group of neighbors made in the “First National Alfajor Festival” an alfajor that weighed 464 kilos

It took more than 2 hours to prepare and a work team of 50 people. Each cookie weighed more than 100 kilos and was cooked for about two and a half hours.

The alfajor measured 191 centimeters in diameter and 29 centimeters in height. The final size was a little larger than expected, they filled it with 212 kilos of dulce de leche and used almost 2000 egg whites to make the meringue.

Rank 4: The largest roast in the world - 2017

Who holds this record is also Uruguay, by preparing more than 16 kilos of grilled meat surpassing the 9 kilos that were cooked in Argentina, in 2011.

In giant grills, with the surveillance of hundreds of cooks and grills, 16,510 kilos of meat were cooked for hours on 60,000 kilos of firewood, with which they registered a Guinness Record.

Rank 3: The most empanadas served in 8 hours - 2018

11,472 is the most empanadas served in 8 hours, and this record is from Argentina. Within the requirements of the Guinness World Record, the minimum number of empanadas was 5000 units, but this figure was widely exceeded, and more than twice as many empanadas were served.

Place 2: The world's largest pot-made humita - 2019

In Tucumán, Argentina they achieved the largest pot humita in the world. 300 kilos of corn, 188 kg of squash and a pot of almost 3 meters in diameter were used. The cooking took 1 hour and 50 minutes and the final weighing carried out was 441 kilograms.

Position 1: The largest Neapolitan Milanesa in the world - 2022

Which country is the winner of this wonder? Argentina. It was held in Luján, province of Buenos Aires. 580 kilos of meat and 420 kilos of breadcrumbs, 50 of mozzarella, 50 of ham and more than 100 liters of tomato sauce were used. The Milanesa measured 12 square meters and weighed more than 800 kilos.

Which one would you like to have tried? Here we vote for the Milanesa.

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