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Pack of 5 PC 817 XL Optocouplers

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SKU MLA905141430

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Enhance your electronics projects with the QSO Optocoupler PC 817 XL Pack of 5. This pack features high-quality optocouplers with a single-channel configuration, capable of handling up to 80 volts and 50 mA. With 5 Kvolts of insulation between input and output, these optocouplers provide reliable performance for your circuits. Ideal for various applications, such as Arduino projects, LED strips, and RGB sensors.

Weight: 0.12 kg

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Upgrade your electronic setups with the Optoacoplador PC 817 XL Pack of 5 units from QSO Cuadrante Suroeste SRL. These optocouplers are designed as single-channel transistors with impressive specifications. They boast a maximum collector-emitter voltage of 80 volts and a collector current of 50 mA, ensuring robust performance. The 5 Kvolts insulation between input and output enhances safety in your circuits. Additionally, the maximum saturation voltage and reverse input voltage specifications make these optocouplers reliable for various projects. These optocouplers offer a total dissipation power of 200 mW and fast response times for efficient operation. Pair them with Arduino boards, protoboards, RGB LEDs, and more available in our store to complete your projects with ease. Please note that we provide a 10-day testing period for the product, covering factory defects only. Returns are not accepted for components damaged by user error or misuse. The product must be returned in its original condition for inspection, with any return shipping costs borne by the buyer. Feel free to contact us for any queries.

- Brand: QSO
- UPC: 000123401234
- Item Condition: New
- Model: PC817C
- Part Number: PC817C
- Maximum Current: 50 mA

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