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Jorgito Alfajorcitos Small Alfajor Milk Chocolate with Chocolate Mousse, 6 units

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Brand: Jorgito
US $615
US $825
You save: US $210
  • TASTY AND SWEET - Mini cake alfajor filled with the sweetest chocolate mousse.
  • THE CLASSIC JORGITO BUT SMALLER SIZE. Pack contains 6 Bite-size version of traditional Jorgito alfajores.
  • Alfajores Jorgito - since 1690, made in Argentina.
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What is an Alfajor?

Alfajores are sweet snacks made by stacking two or sometimes more round cookies with different sweet fillings between them. The filling is usually dulce de leche, although there are a lot of variations. They can be covered with powder sugar (the traditional ones), glazed sugar (Santafesinos or "de nieve"), grated coconut or chocolate. Argentina is today the world's largest consumer of alfajores, both in total numbers and in per capita calculations, being the most common snack for schoolchildren and adults.

Productos argentinos direct to you.

Mini alfajor jorgito de mousse de chocolate con baño de repostería. Industria Argentina.


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