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La Salteña Tapa De Empanadas Criollas Ideal Para Horno Classic Empanadas Dough Disc, 15 discs ea x 6 packs (90 discs)

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  • USA & Canada Product available for USA & Canada
  • Empanadas Criollas
  • Turnover Pastries Dough
  • Creole Dough Discs
  • 15 Discs Per Pack x 6  (90 total discs)
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It does not stretch or break. Dry creole dough. Easy to assemble and prepare with the filling you want. Ideal for cooking in the oven.

Ingredients: Flour, water, margarine, salt, sunflower oil with high oleic acid content, CONS (INS 281 and INS 202), AC REG (INS 575), ACI (INS 330), FLO (INS 920). CONTAINS WHEAT INGREDIENTS.


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La Salteña
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