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La Selva Yerba Mate Compuesta Activa Energizing Yerba Mate from Uruguay, 1 kg / 2.2 lb (pack of 8)

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Brand: La Selva
US $8592
  • Yerba Mate with Energizing, Immunostimulants, Antioxidants, Purifying & Remineralizing Herbs
  • GREEN TE / Té Verde
  • HORSETAIL / Cola de Caballo
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La Yerba Mate Activa de La Selva contiene Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba, Té Verde y Cola de Caballo, hierbas con propiedades energizantes, inmunoestimulantes, antioxidantes, depurativas y remineralizantes.

Única yerba con Ginseng, que fortalece el sistema circulatorio, cardiovascular y pulmonar, favoreciendo la performance física, intelectual, la capacidad de reacción y la función respiratoria.

About La Selva The Botanical Institute La Selva was born as a small herbalist in 1910. From the 60s a process of development and permanent growth began that continues to this day. The success of La Selva is based on the confidence of our consumers, and on the transfer of deep knowledge about the medicinal properties and benefits of infusions, herbs and yerba mate, which have been passed down for several generations. La Selva, in addition to being the leading brand in herbs and composite yerba mate, has a wide variety of medicinal spices and exclusive formulas, which maintain since its inception the same standards of purity and quality for all its extensive product line, contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of its consumers. In the external sphere, La Selva has conquered markets such as Australia, Spain and the United States. While internally, it reaches all corners of the country with its products, through supermarkets, self-services, warehouses and pharmacies, in addition to its three branches of direct sales to the public with personalized and highly specialized attention.


Main features

La Selva
Unit packaging:
Bag (plastic)
Net weight:
1 kg
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