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Plato de Madera de Álamo Wooden Plate for BBQ & Asado 24 cm / 9.44" diameter

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  • THE TRADITIONAL “ASADO” PLATE - Keep the folklore of “Asado” with these individual round wooden plates.
  • THE PERFECT SIZE - Ideal for an accurate and authentic traditional Argentine “Asado”.
  • A MULTIFUNCTION PRESENT- You can also use these plates as cutting boards, ideal for a nice housewarming gift.
  • 24 cm / 9.44"; diameter.

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The wooden round plate for Argentine barbecue “Asado” is a popular tradition that goes back to the “gauchos” who used to travel around the country with their knife, fork and a single wooden plate. These utensils supplied them the opportunity to stop anywhere, have a piece of meat and keep travelling. Today this tradition stays rooted to the ceremony of “Asado” and has become a symbol of the cultural and popular Argentine cuisine.

Plato de Madera de Álamo para Asado - Wooden round plate for BBQ / Products from Argentina shipped straight to you.


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