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Los Nietitos Limited Edition Dulce de Leche Receta Tradicional Con Flor de Sal​ Traditional Caramel With Flower of Salt, 400 g / 14.1 oz

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US $579
  • Limited Edition As good as it looks!
  • No added preservatives.
  • Gluten Free.
  • Kosher Certificated.
  • IMPORTED Dulce de Leche Los Nietitos Traditional Recipe With Flower of Salt from La Paz, Colonia, Uruguay.
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New Dulce de Leche Tradicional Limited Edition With Flor de Sal unique in our market, all the flavor of our typical Dulce de Leche are combined with the first salt crystals that are formed and collected in an artisanal way. Creating a unique flavor. As good as it looks!
The Traditional Dulce de Leche Recipe is a tribute to Uruguayan traditions. Made with love, patience and dedication, following the strictest quality processes, it reflects the history of our company and our unique way of doing things.
With a characteristic flavor of a handmade and natural sweet, produced 100% with fresh milk and without preservatives, soft and creamy texture, caramel color and intense shine, this typical Uruguayan product is irresistible.

About Los Nietitos
Since its inception in the 60s, when the company was founded, they have grown steadily to become an emblematic brand for Uruguayans.
They began specializing in the production of jams and today they produce and market a wide range of food products, among which sweets, jams and dulce leche stand out. Their recipes, together with the high production standards and advanced technology, generate an unparalleled combination.
Its raw materials come mainly from producers and tambos very close to the Industrial Plant, with whom they maintain a constant exchange in order to improve quality.


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Los Nietitos
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