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About us

Since 1989, we are Mamuschka, creators of the most delicious chocolate in Argentina. Our factory is located in Patagonia, Bariloche: A city in the south of the country and in the south of the world.

We have developed a bean to bar chocolate with a unique flavor as a result of the detailed selection of beans and specialized trials.

We are a great skilled chocolate maker´s team and throughout our history, we remained committed in making excellence in products, always with the best raw material.

 But above all things, we love what we do, and in this way we design high quality chocolate unique in its kind.

We won several silver and bronze medals in the International Chocolate Awards, competing with award-winning countries in the Americas, and in the Academy of Chocolate Awards, in which chocolatiers from Asia, America, Oceania and Europe competed as well. Every year our certifications are renewed in order to guarantee the care and quality of our crafting process. All our products packaged in our factory are gluten free. We do not use soy lecithin in our compositions, in this way we prevent the indirect incorporation of pesticides in our products being suitable for soy intolerant people. And our organic chocolates are made from cacao beans certified in accordance with Organic Production Standards for Canada, the United States, Japan and Europe Union.