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Set Parrillero Grilling Set Skewer & Wooden Cutting Board for Chorizo BBQ Stick with Wooden Handle Juego Choricero (2 pc)

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US $1799
  • Grilling Set 2-Piece Skewer for chorizo and wooden board
  • Double Prongs & Wooden Handle Skewer with double prongs so you can rotate them and all skewered items rotate without slippage!
  • Wooden Serving Board Wooden plate to place your sausages and chorizos as soon as they leave the grill
  • Measurements of the Plate: 60 cm x 13 cm / 23.6" x 5.1"
  • Measurements of the Skewer: 59 cm / 23.2"
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Grilling accessories 2-piece, for chorizo BBQ.


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