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Traditional Yerba Mate Starter Kit with Argentinean sweets, Yerba Mate 1 Pound Pack, Stainless Steel "Bombilla" Straw, Cleaning Brush For Your Bombilla & Tea Filter Bags by Yaguar Tea, and Calabash Mate Gourd

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Brand: Yaguar Tea
US $3700

TRADITIONAL Starter Kit + 1 SQ of Atlantic Forest Protected

  • Mat e Starter Kit By Yaguar Tea.
  • Reusable Gourd & Straw.
  • 100% Compostable Loose leaves.
  • Yerba Mate Is a wero waste infusion.
  • Vegan & Gluten Free Naturally caffeinated, no preservatives, zero waste drink.
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We have carefully selected every item to create an authentic, simple, and enjoyable initiation experience in the consumption of Yerba Mate.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Pound pack of unsmoked loose leaf Yerba Mate
  • Stainless steel “Bombilla” straw
  • Cleaning brush for your bombilla
  • 2 Tea filter bags to try other ways of enjoying Yerba Mate
  • Calabash Mate gourd with felt base
  • Argentinean sweets (alfajor+Tita+Rhodesia)
  • Tips and instructions

Impact: With your purchase we protect 1 square meter of the Atlantic Forest (the south American forest where this magical tree comes from, and where thelocal Jaguar lives).

Why the calabash?
Believe us, the taste of Yerba Mate in a properly curated calabash is just special. The calabash is the fruit of a plant that is transformed into a gourd after being dried, cut, and cleaned inside. Every calabash is unique, we select one by one to guarantee a good size to brew and to fit in your hands. Comes with an eco-friendly base using felt and made by a local craftsman from San Antonio de Areco (Buenos Aires Province, Argentina).


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Yaguar Tea
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Box (paperboard)
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0.68 kg
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