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Tramontina Dynamic Juego de Cuchillos Stainless Steel Knives Set with Wooden Handle (12 pc)

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Brand: Tramontina
US $3123

Serrated Edge Make quick work of cutting steak, tomatoes, peeling, chopping & more.
18/8 Stainless Steel Blade is corrosion resistant and stays sharp.
High Heat Resistant.
Longer Durability Due to the tempering process.
Dishwasher Proof.
Easy to Clean & use.

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Stainless steel blades, wooden handles / Láminas de acero inoxidable, mangos de madera.

Safe and proper use:

  • Wash and dry items thoroughly before first use.
  • Handle sharp objects with care and keep them out of the reach children.
  • For longer-lasting products, dry well before storing.
  • Please recycle products and packaging in accordance with existing recycling guidelines.


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