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Blanca La Niña Que Quería Volar - Fiction Book - by Vicuña, Benjamín - Planeta Editorial - (Spanish)

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Planeta Editorial

  • "A Father's Grief" is an emotionally raw and introspective account by Benjamín Vicuña, delving into the profound journey of grieving and the loss of his first daughter.
  • In this deeply personal narrative, Vicuña pays tribute to his daughter while candidly expressing the overwhelming experience that reshaped his life. It's a story of tragedy that struck like lightning, leaving him feeling empty. It took him years to come to terms with it, and in many ways, he continues to navigate this emotional desert while persevering in life.
  • Within these pages, he shares his memories of his beloved child and the pains he endured. He also imparts the coping mechanisms that helped him find light during the darkest nights. Vicuña's hope is that his words may provide solace and inspiration to those facing loss, grief, or accompanying someone on their journey through sorrow—an offering of a small beacon in the vast ocean when the shore is not in sight.

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"A Father's Grief" is a profoundly honest and soul-searching narrative where Benjamín Vicuña reflects on his journey through grief and the profound loss of his first daughter.

This book serves as both a tribute to his beloved child and an unfiltered expression of the life-altering experience he endured. Vicuña openly shares the impact of this tragic event, which struck him like a lightning bolt and left him emotionally hollow. It took him years to process and accept, and he continues to navigate the emotional desert it left behind while moving forward in life.

Within these pages, Vicuña not only remembers his daughter but also discusses the profound sadness that accompanied his grief. He offers insights into the tools and strategies that helped him find glimmers of hope during the darkest of nights. It is his sincere wish that his words may provide solace, comfort, and a sense of hope to those grappling with loss, sorrow, or supporting others on their own path through grief—a small light in the vast expanse of the unknown.

  • Author: Vicuña, Benjamin
  • Editorial: Planeta
  • ISBN: 9789504979050
  • Pages: 200
  • Format: 13 cm x 21 cm x .20 cm
  • Language: Spanish
  • Edition date: 2023

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