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"When Papa Got Sick - A Heartwarming Children's Book by Kathleen L. Bostrom - Cuando Se Enfermo El Papa De Pablito - Kathleen L. Bostrom

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Sobre este item

  • Author: Kathleen Long Bostrom
  • Hardcover: Yes
  • Material of the book cover: Hardcover
  • Edition of the book: 2004
  • Subgenres of the book: Stories
  • Book title: When Pablo's Dad Got Sick
  • Item condition: New
  • Type of narration: Story
  • Publication year: 2004
  • Book genre: Children
  • Universal product code: 9780829744019
  • Language: Spanish
  • Publisher of the book: Vida
  • Recommended maximum age: 8 years
  • Series: Let's Help Heal Our Children
  • SKU: 9780829744019
  • Weight: 315 g
  • Book size: Medium
  • Book subtitle: A book about chronic illnesses
  • Coauthors: Cheri Bladholm
  • Height: 23.5 cm
  • Written in uppercase: No
  • Recommended minimum age: 4 years
  • Number of pages: 21
  • Width: 23.5 cm
  • Augmented reality: No
  • Coloring pages: No
  • Index: No

Weight: 0.38 kg

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"When Papa Got Sick - A Heartwarming Children's Book by Kathleen L. Bostrom

Embark on a touching journey with Pablito as he navigates his father's chronic illness in 'When Papa Got Sick' by acclaimed author Kathleen Long Bostrom. This beautifully illustrated hardcover book, part of the 'Let's Help Heal Our Children' series, introduces us to Pablito and his father, who used to run and play together, but now struggle as Papa's health deteriorates. Pablito's confusion and sadness are palpable as he grapples with the changes in their relationship.

Through 21 pages of poignant storytelling, young readers, recommended for ages 4 to 8, witness Pablito's emotional turmoil and ultimate realization that his father's love and presence remain unwavering, despite the challenging circumstances. The narrative delicately explores themes of resilience, acceptance, and the enduring bond between a parent and child.

Published in 2004 by Vida, 'When Papa Got Sick' not only serves as a powerful tool for parents and caregivers to broach the topic of chronic illness with children but also as a source of comfort and reassurance for young ones facing similar situations. This Spanish-language gem, with a weight of 315g and medium-sized dimensions of 23.5cm x 23.5cm, is a valuable addition to any child's library.

Co-authored by Cheri Bladholm, this engaging tale encourages empathy, understanding, and emotional growth in readers, all while fostering a sense of connection and support during challenging times. Let 'When Papa Got Sick' be a beacon of hope and compassion in your child's literary collection, reminding them that love endures through life's trials and tribulations."

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