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Aveno Combo Shampoo + Acondicionador, Conditioner Restaurador Capilar, Hidratante y Emiliente Cuero Cabelludo Hair Restorer, Moisturizer and Scalp Emilient 250 ml (2 count)

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Brand: Aveno
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Combo Aveno Hair Restorer Conditioner x 250 ml + Moisturizing and Emollient Shampoo for Reactive Scalp x 250 ml

Aveno Hair Restoring Conditioner x 250 ml
Aveno Hair Restorer Conditioner x 250 ml, is a protective, emollient and hair restorer recommended for fine, damaged, brittle, dull or damaged hair with sensitive or reactive scalp. Facilitates combing, providing softness, manageability and natural shine. Repairs damaged ends.

How to use:
Apply to wet hair with gentle friction for 3 to 4 minutes to facilitate even dispersion of the product. Rinse with plenty of lukewarm water. Use after each wash.

Aveno Moisturizing and Emollient Shampoo for Reactive Scalp x 250 ml.
Aveno Moisturizing and Emollient Shampoo x 250 ml, cleanses, moisturizes and protects reactive scalp, fine, dry, dehydrated, brittle and deteriorated by chlorine, dyes or treatments. Gives docility, shine and softness to hair; controls bacterial flora contributing to total scalp hygiene, reducing scalp irritation and flaking. Daily use shampoo, softening and natural antiseptic. Can be used alone or in combination with other dermatological or cosmetic treatments.

Directions for use:
Wet hair and actively massage with an appropriate amount of shampoo. Rinse and repeat the procedure leaving the foam to act on the scalp for one or two minutes, finish washing by rinsing with plenty of warm water. Daily use is recommended.


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