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Best Food Markets In NYC

Best Food Markets In NYC

New York offers an infinite number of gastronomic possibilities. It brings together various cuisines of the world and allows you to try both new and traditional flavors, therefore transporting you all around the world with just one bite.

New York is not just about fast food. It has a great culinary variety that has grown over time thanks to the influence of the different cultures that coexist in the city. Today, we are going to share with you what we believe to be the top 3 food markets in NYC. These places will give you the chance to try amazing dishes while you explore unique spots in New York.

Chelsea Market

Have you heard about the term: all in one? Well, it applies perfectly for this space. The Chelsea Market was built in 1890. The complex includes a food court, a shopping center, some offices and even a television studio.

What can we eat?

It has more than 50 places where you can try all kinds of foods. However, because we are talking about the United States, you’ll also find lots of the typical  burgers and bagels around the place. Mexican influences are also present and tacos are one of the main attractions of the market.

Fun fact: The factories of the National Biscuit Company were originally located there where the Oreo cookie was invented.

Essex Market

Formerly known as Essex Street Market, it is an independent vendor food market, located on the Lower East Side. Since its very beginning, it has always been a market that’s known for its numerous shops where you can find all kinds of products, from bread, meat, seafood, spices and cheeses to coffee.

You can go shopping or you can choose to sit down in its indoor restaurants and try the different dishes and local products.

Time Out Market

This market is located in Brooklyn next to the East River. It is a gastronomic and cultural experience. The complex has multiple restaurants, three bars, a terrace on the fifth floor and art installations. 

To honor its city, the stalls and restaurants offer international and local dishes. You can find from classic burgers and hot dogs to Latin, oriental, Thai dishes and many other options.

The complex's terrace offers a great view of the city. We would recommend you to go at sunset and enjoy the shows they offer.

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