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Mate and Yerba Mate

Exploring the World of Argentine Yerba Mate: Varieties and Recommendations for Buying Abroad

Whether you are Argentine or not, you have probably heard about mate, that's because yerba mate has become an iconic drink of Argentina. If you are abroad and want to enjoy this infusion, this article will guide you through the varieties of yerba mate and provide recommendations for buying it overseas.


Varieties of yerba mate: 

  • Traditional Yerba Mate: 

Traditional yerba mate is the most popular in Argentina. It is characterized by a smooth and balanced flavor with a hint of bitterness. Some well-known brands include Taragüi, Rosamonte, and Cruz de Malta. These brands offer high-quality yerba mate and are widely appreciated by yerba mate enthusiasts worldwide.

  • Yerba Mate with Herbs: 

For those looking for a more aromatic experience, yerba mate with herbs is an excellent choice. Blends may include herbs such as mint, boldo, or chamomile, adding a touch of freshness and unique flavor. Brands like Amanda and La Merced offer delicious varieties of yerba mate with herbs to satisfy different tastes.

  • Organic Yerba Mate: 
  • If you prefer more natural options, organic yerba mate is a perfect choice. These varieties are cultivated without the use of pesticides or chemicals, ensuring a purer and healthier product. Brands like Nobleza Gaucha offer high-quality organic yerba mate that delights lovers of natural products.

Recommendation for buying abroad: 

The most logical option is to search in physical stores. However, what if there are none nearby, or they don't have yerba mate? Our recommendation is to explore online options - a convenient way to buy Argentine yerba mate is through online stores. Platforms like offer a wide variety of authentic Argentine products, including different brands and varieties of yerba mate. You can browse their catalog and place your order with worldwide shipping.

Exploring the world of Argentine yerba mate is delving into a fascinating cultural tradition. With a wide variety of brands and varieties available, there are options for every taste. If you already know it, enjoy it, and if not: give it a try!

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