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How To Make Yerba Mate in a French Press?

How To Make Yerba Mate in a French Press?

There are many ways to drink mate. You can have it cold or hot and you can also alter its original flavor by adding new ingredients to it, like milk, orange juice or even certain spices.

Although this is not the traditional way to make mate, preparing it with a French coffee press can be very practical. Here is a step by step on how to drink delicious mate made in a different way.

How to brew yerba mate:

1. Place the yerba mate into the filter of the French press.

2. Slowly pour water over the yerba mate.

3. Let it rest for about 4 to 6 minutes.

4. Slowly push down the plunger of the French press. 

5. Now it’s ready to serve.

Can I personalize my mate? Of course! You can prepare the mate to suit your taste by adding some other ingredients to the yerba. For example, you could add:  ginger, orange, lemon or grapefruit peels, mint, honey and cedrón. So you can either buy traditional yerba and add the ingredients you wish, or look for a flavored yerba in Latinafy and have it delivered to your door.

Can I drink cold mate? The answer is yes. Cold mate is called Tereré, and it is native from Paraguay. The preparation is the same, the only thing that changes is that the water needs to be cold instead of hot. Although you can prepare Tereré with all kinds of yerba, some are specifically made for this drink.

It can be served with orange juice, lemonade, or slices of different fruits, you can add other ingredients such as cinnamon or boldo. And don’t forget the ice! The ice is the key ingredient for Tereré, and it can be placed both in the pitcher with the preparation or inside the mate. Also, keep in mind that the mates for tereré require more water or juice than the traditional mate.

Last recommendation: Share your mate with friends, because mate is not only an infusion but a symbol of union and reunion. 

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