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Is Dulce de Leche The Same As Caramel?

Is Dulce de Leche The Same As Caramel?

This is a very common question: Is dulce de leche the same as caramel? Do they have the same flavor? The same texture? Are they used in the same preparations? 

We will give you the answers you’re looking for.

Dulce de leche vs Caramel

The ingredients of dulce de leche are milk and sugar. It is prepared by heating both ingredients for a long time until a thick, light brown texture is achieved. It is usually used as filling for desserts such as cakes and also other snacks like alfajores, and can be even eaten alone in spoonfuls.

The ingredients of caramel are sugar, glucose and water. Its preparation is similar to that of dulce de leche, but the results are different. You can get either a dark, liquid texture, or a solid one. It is usually used as an addition to cakes, puddings and even cocktails.

So, the answer to the initial question is no, they are not the same. We cannot replace one for the other and their flavor is totally different. Caramel can be cloying or too sweet and dulce de leche is also sugary but softer, this is why many people choose to eat it as it comes.

Is there only one type of dulce de leche?

There are two types of dulce de leche, the classic one that is added to desserts, spread on toasts or eaten alone, and then the dulce de leche pastry, which has a much thicker consistency and is used for pastries.

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