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La Boquería Market

La Boquería Market

Spain is a mecca of gastronomy, there’s no doubt about that. Some of its dishes -like tapas and paellas- have become famous around the world and conquered lots of tourists. The country is also known for its delicious wine and cider, as well as its incredible gastronomic markets.

Today we are going to tell you about the San José Market, also known as "La Boquería". It is a very famous spot in Barcelona and one of its most recognized tourist attractions.

Where is La Boquería located?

You will find it in La Rambla, inside the old town of Barcelona. In other words, it is located in the heart of the city. This market is the largest one found in Catalonia. It is about 2500 square meters big and has approximately 300 stalls that offer a wide variety of local and exotic products.

What type of food can I find?

Seafood, fruit, vegetables, meat, sausages, oils, spices and more food options are available at the market. Some of the stalls offer tables for you to sit down and enjoy fresh local dishes.

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Why visit it?

Visiting this market feels like immersing into Catalan culture. The building itself dates from the year 1836, and has hundreds of corridors full of stalls that offer all kinds of local products and dishes.

What is the story behind the market?

The market used to be held in the open air, right before the gates of the old city, on the esplanade of Pla de la Boqueria. Street vendors from nearby villages would settle there to sell their products.

The current location of La Boquería market used to be the spot for the San José convent, which was founded way back in 1586 and destroyed in 1835. At the time, the idea was to build a monumental square that, due to its length, would become the largest one in Europe. This, however, did not happen. But because of this, some locals refer to the market as ‘’the square that was not’’.

The market was moved here momentarily and, although the initial plan was to give use to the square for some time, it became the permanent location for La Boquería. 

If you visit Barcelona, La Boquería Market is a place you can’t miss. From the moment you walk through its doors you’ll be immersed in a cheerful atmosphere and learn about Spanish gastronomy as you smell lots of different, delicious aromas.

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