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Get $5 OFF on all purchases $80+! Use Code: LAT80 at checkout
Lionel Messi holding his eight Ballon d'Or

Messi, the legend: discover all his merchandise with WorldWide Shipping

There is little doubt that Lionel Messi, the football legend hailing from Argentina, has had an exceptional year in 2023. He started it as a brand-new world champion, (fulfilling not only his dream, but that of the world of seeing him crowned); by the middle of the year, he had moved to Miami to start playing with Inter Miami, and then this week he has been granted his eighth Ballon d’Or in Paris. It's a remarkable moment in sports history, and you can celebrate his achievements by exploring a range of unique merchandise related to Messi.

Messi's Stickers: You can always have Messi around you with these stickers featuring the best football player in the world. Decorate your mobile phone, your laptop, or whatever you want with these stickers.

Figurines: Who wouldn't want a mini-Messi of their own? You can choose whether you want him raising the World Cup, on top of a bus celebrating through the streets of Argentina, or doing what he is best at: playing football.

Be Messi: It might be a bit late to dress up for Halloween, but it's never too late to dress up as your favorite football player. You can wear a mask and the World Cup Champion tunic, and feel like the world champion.

Custom T-shirts: Who hasn't said "¿Qué mirá bobo?" at least once? You can wear t-shirts with Messi’s famous quote or walk around proudly with his image on your chest.

Wall Decor: Why not embellish your house with Messi merch? You can choose whether you prefer a wood panel with his contour or a panel with backlight to light up your nights.

Give him a hug: Have you ever wondered how it must feel to give Messi a hug? You can now do it with these Messi-shaped pillows, and we can attest that they are super comfortable. You can even give him some company with a Scaloni pillow!

Merchandise clothes and accessories: Explore Messi's clothing merchandise, ranging from sportswear to Inter Miami flip-flops!

As you celebrate Lionel Messi's phenomenal year, don't miss the chance to explore these Argentinean treasures to show your support for the football legend. You can check all of his products at, your gateway to a wide range of Argentinean products.

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