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Get $5 OFF on all purchases $80+! Use Code: LAT80 at checkout
Pampa Drugstore Reviews

Pampa Drugstore Reviews

Pampa Drugstore, is a physical and online store located in Barcelona, Spain. The store offers Argentine products like cookies, biscuits, sweets, dulce de leche and yerba mate. Although they have a good selection of items, the variety is limited by the country’s own restrictions.


They offer shipping within Spain and also to Portugal. Their usual shipping times are between 3 to 5 business days, although they offer fast shipping to some particular places like Peninsular Spain, the City of Barcelona and other cities in the province of Barcelona.

Shipping costs are not detailed on the website, so you can only know about them once you are at checkout. Anyway, here are some estimates:

  • Shipping to Spain costs between EUR 6 and EUR 9. Shipping to the rest of Europe, between EUR 13 and EUR 17. 
  • They also offer shipping to countries outside the European Union, such as Australia or New Zealand. In this case, the shipping costs are much higher -around EUR 60- so this can sometimes be more expensive than the order itself.


If you wish to buy and have your purchase shipped to any of these countries (or others) with lower shipping costs, you can enter here and get free shipping with minimum purchase amounts. 


In all shipments outside the European Union, the customer is responsible for any additional costs, such as customs duty or import charges that may be collected once the package reaches the destination. In these cases, the customer must assume that amount.


There is no information about shipments to America. If you want to shop food from Argentina or other South American products and receive them in the United States or countries in Europe, you can check out some of the sellers available at  


The store has positive reviews on Google, with comments like: "Good variety of products and excellent service" written by Lorena Namuncura via Google. Another comment said: "Place to buy Argentine and Uruguayan products. They have a small assortment, but the basic things are there. The service is very good, although they have somewhat high prices." written by Victor Perez via Google.

There are not many visible comments on their Facebook or Instagram pages. Anyhow, those that appear are usually positive.

Have you ever bought from Pampa Drugstore? Leave your comment and rating below.

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