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What Types Of Yerba Mate Are There And How Is It Consumed?

What Types Of Yerba Mate Are There And How Is It Consumed?

Mate is a serious matter in many parts of America and a great temptation in the rest of the world. There are many kinds of yerba mate to prepare it and also a lot of styles: Sweet, bitter, with or without added flavorings, even cold. The countries in which it is most consumed are Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

First of all, yerba mate is a tree native to the Paranaense jungle (South America) and whose leaves are used, after a long process, for the preparation of mate.

This is an infusion that gets its name from the container where it is usually made, a kind of pumpkin with a concave shape to place the processed yerba mate inside and the bulb (a type of metal straw or cane), through which it is drunk. The matte as a container can, like the bulb, be made of metal, wood or plastic.

Now that we know more about its use and consumption, we are going to tell you the keys to choosing the best type of yerba mate according to your preferences. Join us!

Types of yerba mate

Each yerba mate differs from each other by characteristics such as parking time, if it has more or less powder and if it has sticks, flavor, etc. Each brand of yerba mate has its own formula for making the yerba. The Rosamonte herb has a mild version, the Playadito is one of the most chosen for its intensity, while CBSé has a wide catalog of herbs flavored with citrus and herbs. As if that were not enough, there are also low-calorie options, with natural energizers and even with coffee.

Yerba mate with stick

It is the most used type of yerba for a soft mate. It is composed of approximately 30% of stick and 70% of dry leaves.

Yerba mate compound

The objective is to enhance the antioxidant properties of yerba mate with other flavors and aromas of herbs, such as chamomile, linden, pennyroyal, boldo, burrito, among others. This yerba mate is often used as a digestive, for after a meal, taking advantage of the benefits of some herbs. Following this line, some are also used for their relaxing and well-being abilities.

Yerba mate for tereré

Tereré is a typical drink from the coast of Argentina and Paraguay, and is taken with cold water or fruit juices with ice. To achieve this drink, a type of yerba mate with a coarser grind and with less powder is necessary, to prevent the bulb from clogging up. It is ideal to consume in summer.

Flavored Yerba mate

If you like a bitter and intense mate, but also to alternate flavors, this type of yerba mate is for you. There are varieties of yerbas mate made with citrus flavors, such as lemon, orange and grapefruit among others; or with tropical and forest fruits.

Yerba mate barbacuá

This yerba mate, perhaps more exotic, is a whole process in itself. It is subjected to a much slower and artisanal drying, since the leaves are exposed to fire for much longer than the normal process. This method gives the yerba mate a slightly smokier flavor.

Organic Yerba mate

From the planting process to the harvest, no agrochemicals are used. This allows for an environmentally conscious, as well as healthier yerba mate to consume. Yerba mate despalada (without stick): If you like a stronger and more intense mate, you can use this type of yerba mate, which does not contain a stick.

And where is it possible to get typical yerba mate while in another country?
In Latinafy that we have all kinds of yerba mate, with mate gourds and bulbs included with worldwide shipping.

Keep in mind that each person chooses the type of yerba mate that best suits their personal tastes, since it is a drink that can be taken at breakfast, between meals or even during long work and study days In solitude or sharing with another person! So the decision is totally in your hands, taste to enjoy! 

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