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Get $5 OFF on all purchases $80+! Use Code: LAT80 at checkout
What's the Average Cost of Living in Australia?

What's the Average Cost of Living in Australia?

In order to learn about the costs of living in Australia, we should first know the answer to a very important question: What is the average salary in Australia? and How much money can you earn working in Australia?

Australia’s average income

The average salary is around 3400 Australian dollars, that’s about 2,550 American dollars. This is equivalent to at least 20 Australian dollars per hour.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common jobs in Australia and how much they pay:

- Stylist between 29 and 34 Australian dollars an hour

- Waiter between 22 and 29 Australian dollars an hour

- Cleaning between 22 and 28 Australian dollars an hour

- Construction assistant between 28 and 35 Australian dollars an hour

Before we keep on looking at the costs of living in this country, let us give you a quick reminder: the costs may vary between the different cities and they will also depend on the lifestyle you intend to lead. Keep that in mind!

Now onto housing: a weekly estimate would be between AUD 230 and 300 for the main cities, and between AUD 180 and 250 for the rest. This being said, a monthly estimate would be around AUD 1000 and 1200.

For food, it is estimated that you will need between AUD 200 to 300 per month for supermarket purchases.

The cell phone has a monthly cost of AUD 30 to 70, depending on the plan and company you choose.

Transport costs will vary a lot depending on how often you use public transport and also the city you are in. The monthly budget for transport is from AUD 50 to 110 in smaller cities. In the main cities it is calculated between AUD 170 and 250. Remember that there are monthly plans with which you can get great price benefits.

Last but not least: leisure activities. We would suggest that you keep between AUD 300 to AUD 500 for leisure. Again, the amount of money you spend will depend on the plans you decide to make once you’re there.

If you have a low budget or you would simply prefer to save money for other things, you can always have fun making plans that don’t require you to spend lots of money. For instance, you could get together with friends and eat delicious food. Well, if that’s your plan you can order Latin American products on Latinafy, to try yourself and also share with friends.

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