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Get $5 OFF on all purchases $80+! Use Code: LAT80 at checkout
Where To Buy Alfajores Near Me?

Where To Buy Alfajores Near Me?

Alfajores History

The word ‘alfajor’ comes from the Arabic ‘Al-Hasu’ which means ‘’the filling’’. This filling traditionally consisted of almonds, walnuts and honey.

Alfajores appeared in America during the colonial era. They were brought here more than 130 years ago, by Spaniards. However, it was the French chemist Augusto Chammás, who gave these his own imprint when he opened a small candy factory in Argentina. Among the products he made was a round alfajor, something completely new at the time. Chammás’ original product completely changed the concept of alfajores around the world, but especially in Argentina.

Argentine Alfajores

Argentina is one of the largest producers and consumers of alfajores. It is presumed that there are 100 brands and more than 34 types of them: simple, triple, filled with dulce de leche, fruit or chocolate mousse, dipped in white chocolate or milk chocolate, glazed, etc. Depending on the region you are in, the variety of options varies.

According to Argentina’s Association of Distributors of Sweets and Related Products (ADGyA), about 1,000 million alfajores are sold in the country per year, which is equivalent to approximately 24 units per capita. 

When are Alfajores Eaten?

In countries like Argentina, alfajores are eaten almost daily. They are an ideal snack for breakfast, teatime, or even as dessert after dinner. They are a part of people’s daily routines and it is very common to see children having them during their breaks at school or in birthday parties. You can also find them in most supermarkets and in many family houses.

Where To Buy Alfajores Near Me?

If you are craving alfajores or you would like to try them for the first time, you can order them from Latinafy. The page, which offers worldwide shipping, has a huge variety of alfajores, and even a selection box with 12 different types of them.

Here is what we guarantee: when you try them for the first time, you will understand why they are one of the most beloved sweets in Latin America.

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