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Get $5 OFF on all purchases $80+! Use Code: LAT80 at checkout
Where to find Argentinian food in London?

Where to find Argentinian food in London?

If there is something that distinguishes Argentina is its cuisine, from meat to its alfajores, walking between sweet and savory, with options for all tastes, Argentina manages to surprise with its flavors and if you try it, you will surely want to repeat. 

If you are an Argentinian living abroad and you want to feel at home, these places are for you. Although if you are a foreigner and you are interested in Argentinian food and culture, you will also find in these places a little piece of Argentina in London

Casa Malevo

This Argentine restaurant has typical starters such as humita or provoleta, in a rustic version of Argentine cuisine. Of course, you can't miss Argentinian meat cuts such as bife ancho and a chorizo sandwich, which you can accompany with a delicious Argentinian wine. 


This place allows you to travel, through its dishes, different regions of Argentina. Its menu changes according to the season, and besides offering tasty grilled meat cuts, it has a wide range of dishes such as pork belly with peaches and cabbage and grilled mackerel with fennel.

For the full experience, you can get a table in front of the restaurant's open kitchen, where you can watch the chefs in action.

Buen Ayre

They say it is one of the best Argentinean restaurants in London and with affordable prices. All the people who work here are Argentinian, so they handle the art of grilled meats very well. 

Santa Maria Del Sur

Of course, here too, the focus will be on cuts of meat accompanied by the classic salsa criolla, mollejas and tasty empanadas. However, it offers a wide variety of vegetarian dishes.

To enhance the flavor of these dishes, you can accompany them with a good glass of wine from Mendoza, Argentina, and finish with a variety of sweet cakes and other Argentine desserts.

Argentine food straight to your home

Latinafy offers you the delivery of Argentine products all over the world directly to your door. From food, such as dulce de leche, alfajores, yerba mate, wines, Fernet and more, to books, board games, Argentine soccer shirts and whatever you can think of. 

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