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World Cup Qatar 2022 - 5 Curious facts

World Cup Qatar 2022 - 5 Curious facts

The World Cup is approaching and the emotion is already beginning to be felt. This year, the Qatar 2022 Football World Cup will be the XXII edition of the Men's Football World Cup organized by FIFA.

This World Cup starts on November 20 and ends on December 18 in Qatar. With acclimatized stadiums and even refrigerated seats, it will be played in 8 different stadiums in the city:

  • Stadium 974
  • Lusail Stadium
  • Ahmad bin Ali Stadium
  • Al Janoub Stadium
  • Khalifa International Stadium
  • Al Bayt Stadium
  • Al Thumama Stadium
  • Education City Stadium

To get you started on the topic, we tell you here 5 curious facts that you need to know before the Qatar 2022 World Cup starts

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1. A World Cup has never been played in November before: This is due to the very high temperatures in Qatar, which in summer are around 36 ºC on average, and can reach 50 ºC.

2. The most expensive World Cup in history: Qatar 2022 will be the most expensive World Cup, held so far, with an investment of more than 220 billion dollars.

3. Is it Qatar, Katar or Catar? Historians say that in the middle of the first century the inhabitants of the peninsula were called "catharei". Since the 18th century, "Katara" emerged as the most common spelling. After different variations such as "Katr”, “Kattar” and “Guttur”, it came to what we know today as "Qatar".

4. First Men's World Cup with women referees: 6 women will participate in the world cup exercising their role as referee, among which the Mexican Karen Diaz stands out.

5. What does the Qatar 2022 World Cup mascot mean?: La'eeb is the name of the official mascot of Qatar 2022 and his name means "skilled player" in Arabic. What is the mascot? Its design is based on the ghutra, a typical Arabic headdress of the region.

Latinafy Extra: Where will the next World Cup be played? The 2026 World Cup will be played in Mexico, the United States and Canada.

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