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Criollitas Water Biscuits Sin Sal Galletitas No Added Salt, 1x3 pack 507 g

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Brand: Bagley, UPC: 7790040946408
US $389
  • YOUR DAILY PARTNER This crackers let you enjoy the simple things in life, and you can eat them alone or combine them with different products such as dulce de leche, cream cheese, jam, and much more!
  • STAND OUT CRACKER It stands outs beyond argentinians because of its fermentation process and its 24-hour kneading.
  • EASY TO STORE They come in packages, so you can eat one, two or the amount you want and store the rest for the following day!
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The water biscuit or water cracker (“galletita de agua” in Spanish) is, as we say in Argentina, an old reliable. In a convenient package, these cookies cemented their success thanks to their signature fermentation process and their simple ingredients.


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