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Get $5 OFF on all purchases $80+! Use Code: LAT80 at checkout

Kanji Kjh - pe15001s Cooltronic Electric Kettle 1.8L - Stainless Steel, Auto Shut - Off -Pava Eléctrica 1500W

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  • Effortless Hot Water: Experience the convenience of having hot water at your fingertips with the Kanji KJH-PE15001S electric kettle. Boasting a generous 1.8 - liter capacity and a powerful 1500 W heating element, this stainless steel wonder ensures your favorite beverages are ready in minutes.
  • Smart Design for Diverse Needs: Crafted from sleek stainless steel, the Kanji KJH-PE15001S is not just a kettle; it's a statement of style and function. Its precision spout is perfect for pouring mate, while the automatic shut - off feature guarantees safety and energy savings. The compact dimensions (23 cm / 9.0'' wide, 22 cm / 8.6'' tall, 17 cm / 6.6'' deep) make it a space-efficient addition to any kitchen.
  • Energy Efficiency and Safety: No more worries about leaving the kettle on! The Kanji KJH-PE15001S's auto shut-off function ensures peace of mind by turning off the kettle when the water reaches the ideal temperature. Save energy and prevent accidents while enjoying the luxury of hot beverages anytime.

Weight: 1.1 kg

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8Introducing the Kanji KJH-PE15001S electric kettle - your gateway to an always-ready supply of hot water. Revel in the speed and ease of enjoying your favorite hot beverages with this powerful stainless steel kettle boasting a substantial 1.8 - liter capacity and a robust 1500 W heating capacity.

Designed to harmonize with both form and function, the Kanji KJH-PE15001S exudes sophistication with its stainless steel construction. Its thoughtfully engineered precision spout facilitates graceful pouring, particularly suited for mate enthusiasts. But that's not all – this kettle features an intelligent automatic shut-off mechanism that not only ensures your safety but also contributes to a greener environment by conserving energy.

Compact and space-efficient, this kettle's dimensions measure 23 cm / 9.0'' in width, 22 cm / 8.6'' in height, and 17 cm / 6.6'' in depth, making it a versatile addition to kitchens of all sizes.

Experience the joy of a hot drink in a matter of minutes while championing energy efficiency and safety. Elevate your daily routine with the Kanji KJH-PE15001S electric kettle – where style, speed, and smart design converge.

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