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Get $5 OFF on all purchases $80+! Use Code: LAT80 at checkout

Kyojin 100% Natural Probiotic Lemon Flavor Bacillus Subtilis DG101, 180 ml / 6.1 fl oz

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  • Natural Probiotic Elixir: Kyojin offers a 100% natural probiotic elixir with a refreshing lemon flavor.
  • Supports Gut Health: Bacillus Subtilis DG101 is a beneficial probiotic strain known for its positive impact on gut health, aiding in digestion and promoting a healthy microbiome.
  • Convenient Liquid Form: This probiotic elixir comes in a convenient 180 ml (6.1 fl oz) liquid form, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine for optimal gut support.
  • No Artificial Additives: Kyojin prioritizes natural ingredients, ensuring that this probiotic elixir contains no artificial additives or preservatives.

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  • Is the Kyojin probiotic made from soy or does it contain it? No, the Kyojin probiotic contains only the bacterium Bacillus subtilis DG101 which was isolated in mid-2003 from the Natto food. Thereafter Bacillus subtilis DG101 is maintained and grown in a state of absolute purity using defined soybean-free culture media.

  • Does it contain any transgenic components? No, Kyojin probiotic is 100% natural and 100% environmentally friendly.

  • Is it suitable for vegans? Yes, it is suitable for vegans. The Kyojin probiotic does NOT contain any components of animal origin, being 100% suitable for vegans. In addition, the development of this product is 100% cruelty-free or experimentation with animals (“Cruelty Free”).

  • Is the Kyojin probiotic bacteria genetically modified? No. The Kyojin probiotic does not contain genetically modified organisms. It is a 100% natural product.

  • Does it contain preservatives or does it provide calories? The Kyojin probiotic contains no added preservatives and provides no calories (0% calories). In addition, in conjunction with a balanced diet supervised by a nutritionist or related specialist, it contributes to the reduction of overweight and obesity.

  • Is there any kind of incompatibility with the kind of diet or food that a person consumes? There are no incompatibilities. In some cases, not all, if the person follows a vegetarian diet or consumes a high amount of vegetables (preferably fermented), he may feel a certain feeling of bloating that goes away after a few days. This is because the probiotic, which contains the live Bacillus subtilis bacteria, must be adapted to the person's intestinal bacterial flora and viceserva. In addition, Bacillus subtilis DG101, coming from a vegetable food, develops better on this type of substrate and at first can produce that feeling of swelling in some people. This sensation disappears after a few days, or if the person consumes a lot of fermented vegetables, it is advisable to start by taking a lower dose (10 drops / day) for a week and then gradually increasing the intake to the recommended 20 drops daily.

  • How long should I take the probiotic? The ideal, and recommended, is to take it every day, without interruptions. If it is stopped consuming, the person's own intestinal flora ends up eliminating the probiotic with the feces in a couple of weeks, with which its effects and beneficial properties are lost. By taking it every day, the continuous presence of the probiotic and its effects is guaranteed. What can be done, after a while of consuming the probiotic (6 months or more), and consulting the medical professional or nutritionist beforehand, is to decrease the daily amount that is ingested. For example, switch to consuming 15 drops/day instead of 20 drops/day. This will depend on each case and therefore the necessary consultation with the doctor or nutritionist.

  • Is it harmful to consume more than the recommended daily dose? The daily intake can be increased up to 60 drops/day, depending on each case (it is advisable to consult the medical professional or nutritionist beforehand). In case of increasing the daily intake, do it gradually, for example, going from taking 20 drops / day to taking 30 drops daily for 1 week, then 40 letting another week pass and then continue taking 20, 30 or 40 drops / day depending on the results or effects obtained.

  • Can kids take the probiotic? Yes, as it is a food, it can be consumed by minors. It is advisable to consult the doctor or nutritionist regarding the amount of drops to take according to the age of the child.

  • Can it be consumed during pregnancy and lactation? Yes, mothers can consume it during pregnancy and lactation.

  • Does It Generate Dependence? The Kyojin probiotic does not generate dependence since it is a functional and natural food.

  • Does the Kyojin probiotic contain gluten? No, the Kyojin probiotic is gluten-free.

  • What contraindications or adverse effects does it have? It is a food without contraindications or adverse effects. Only, in the case of hemophiliac patients (due to their spontaneous tendency to bleeding) it is necessary to consult the doctor about its consumption.

  • Are there any incompatibilities with taking antibiotics or another type of medication? There are no incompatibilities described. As a precaution, it is recommended to ingest the probiotic with a distance between 1 h and 2 h from taking medication.

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