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Last Tango in Paris - Marlon Brando - B. Bertolucci - DVD - Último Tango En París - Marlon Brando - B. Bertolucci - Dvd

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SKU MLA1371053336

About this item

  • Duration: 125 min
  • Release year: 1972
  • Video resolution: SD
  • Movie title: Last Tango in Paris
  • Audio: English-Spanish subtitles
  • Brand: Paris
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Genre: Drama
  • Model: DVD
  • Film director: Bernardo Bertolucci
  • Film format: DVD
  • Production company: United Artists
  • Subtitles: Spanish
  • Origin: USA
  • Format: Physical
  • Film production company: United Artists
  • Item condition: New

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Last Tango in Paris - Marlon Brando - B. Bertolucci - DVD

Experience the timeless allure of "Last Tango in Paris" (Último tango en París), a cinematic masterpiece that captivated audiences upon its release in 1972. Directed by the visionary Bernardo Bertolucci, the film unfolds in the enchanting backdrop of Paris, where two strangers, a man, and a woman, form an intense connection in a chance encounter within a rented apartment. As passion ignites between them, they make a pact to reunite in the same location, delving into a whirlwind of emotions and desires.

Immerse yourself in the world of classic cinema with this iconic drama, starring the legendary Marlon Brando and the enchanting Maria Schneider. The DVD features a runtime of 125 minutes, transporting you back to the era of profound storytelling and cinematic excellence. The film is presented in SD video resolution, preserving its original charm and cinematography for viewers to relish.

Discover the magic of "Last Tango in Paris" with its captivating English audio accompanied by Spanish subtitles, allowing you to fully engage with the powerful performances and poignant dialogue. This DVD, from the reputable brand Paris, contains one disc and showcases the artistry of Bertolucci's directorial prowess. Produced by United Artists, the film encapsulates the essence of raw human emotions and complex relationships.

Indulge in this cinematic gem that has stood the test of time, offering a glimpse into the intricacies of love, desire, and self-discovery. Explore the streets of Paris and witness the intimate connection between the characters, set against a backdrop of uncertainty and passion. Add this DVD to your collection of timeless classics and experience the beauty of storytelling at its finest.

Relive the magic of "Last Tango in Paris" and embark on a mesmerizing journey through the realms of love, loss, and longing. Let the allure of this iconic film sweep you off your feet and immerse you in a world where emotions run deep and connections are forged in the unlikeliest of places. Treat yourself to a cinematic experience like no other with this exquisite DVD edition of a cinematic masterpiece.

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