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Los Siete Maridos De Evelyn Hugo - Fiction Book - by Jenkins Reid , Taylor - Umbriel Editorial - (Spanish)

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Rosa Ma, Porrau Ediciones Editorial

  • Enter the glamorous and scandalous world of Hollywood icon Evelyn Hugo as she unveils the truth about her life in her mature years.
  • Curiosity strikes when she chooses Monique Grant, a relatively unknown journalist, to be her biographer. Why Monique? Why now? Monique, amidst personal and professional setbacks, is determined to seize this opportunity to revitalize her career.
  • As Monique is summoned to Evelyn's opulent apartment, she becomes captivated by the actress's tale. From her arrival in 1950s Los Angeles to her decision to exit the entertainment scene in the '80s - and, of course, her seven marriages during that time - Evelyn narrates a story of relentless ambition, unexpected friendships, and a forbidden great love.

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Intrigue unfolds as Hollywood legend Evelyn Hugo, now in her mature years, decides to finally unveil the glamorous yet scandalous truth about her life. However, her choice of Monique Grant, an obscure journalist, raises questions. Why Monique? Why now? Monique's life is far from ideal, with a recent divorce and a stagnant career. Yet, she is determined to leverage this opportunity to breathe new life into her profession.

Summoned to Evelyn's luxurious apartment, Monique is spellbound as the actress unravels her story. From her arrival in Los Angeles in the 1950s to her exit from the entertainment world in the '80s – not to mention her seven marriages during that period – Evelyn weaves a narrative of unrelenting ambition, unexpected friendships, and a forbidden, all-encompassing love.

  • Author: Jenkins Reid , Taylor
  • Editorial: Umbriel
  • ISBN: 9789874777737
  • Pages: 384
  • Format: 15 cm x 23 cm x 2.50 cm
  • Language: Spanish
  • Edition date: 2020

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