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Get $5 OFF on all purchases $80+! Use Code: LAT80 at checkout

Natura Ekos 200 ml: Pure Maracuja Body Oil - Hydrates, Perfumes, and Protects Skin with Raw Passionfruit Oil

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  • Experience the Power of Raw Passionfruit Oil: Unleash the potency of unrefined maracuja oil for ultimate skin vitality.
  • Hydrate, Perfume, and Protect: This Ekos Natura marvel pampers your skin, offering deep hydration, a captivating fragrance, and protective care.
  • Combat Skin Stress: Embrace tranquility as this oil tackles skin stress, leaving you with a revitalized and harmonious glow.

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At Ekos Natura, our mission is to foster a harmonious connection between individuals and nature, igniting the understanding that well-being thrives in peaceful coexistence with one's essence, ideals, and body intertwined with the world. We transcend conventional norms, not only crafting more natural formulations but also inviting a broader appreciation of beauty—a testament to the intricate relationship between humanity and nature.

Our journey has led us to the Amazon, where we've embraced it as our home and cause. We cherish the vital roles of the communities nurturing these treasures, tapping into generations of ancestral wisdom. Learning from the forest's inhabitants, we collaboratively forge a new way of conducting business—one that's transparent, harmonious, and equitable.

In this endeavor, we present our marquee product: the Ekos Natura 200ml Pure Maracuja Body Oil. Feel the raw potency of maracuja oil, unrefined and robust. This wonder elixir not only hydrates your skin but also graces you with an enchanting fragrance that lingers. As you indulge, recognize its protective embrace, shielding your skin from the impacts of daily stressors, all while unveiling a renewed radiance—a testament to the union of nature and humanity's well-being.

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